5 Great Ideas For Imaginative Or Exotic Gifts

Imaginative Or Exotic Gifts

We’ve all experienced that moment of being faced with the prospect of having to buy a gift, but being at a loss for what to buy. Another gift card seems too impersonal. A shirt or a sweater seems too humdrum. And cologne or perfume is unimaginative. Sometimes, you just need inspiration to find unusual or exotic gifts. Here are five great ideas to get your imagination going.

  • Games
  • Arts and Crafts
  • For the Garden
  • Contemporary or Classical Art
  • Relaxation Bliss

Games: If the person on your gift list loves to play games, consider getting him or her a game that reflects his or her interests. Say, for example, that the chess player in your life also happens to be a Civil War buff. Why not give a chess set where the Union and Confederacy battle it out on an etched glass board? If she’s an amateur Egyptologist, she’ll love chess sets that feature Pharaohs and warlords. There are chess sets and other games that feature Chinese warriors, African animals, and medieval knights and dragons. These exotic gifts serve double duty, since they are both collectors’ items and usable games.

Arts and Crafts: Arts and crafts sets make wonderful gifts for children. Whether the gift is a sticker book, a set of beads, a jewelry maker, or a bucket of fuse beads and instructions, craft-oriented gifts engage the imaginations of children and allow them to create something with their hands. Adults also enjoy crafts; even those who aren’t already avid hobbyists may enjoy the challenges and rewards that a craft set will bring. A new grandmother, for instance, might find a new hobby with a scrapbooking starter set, while an avid baker would appreciate a decorating set and high-end food colors.

For the Garden: Whether your gift recipient has an acre of land or a small patio, you can give an imaginative present that is perfect for the outdoors. Consider a folk art wind chime, a beadwork stepping stone, garden statuettes, or a miniature park bench that seats potted plants.

Contemporary or Classical Art: Although it’s sometimes difficult to determine a person’s taste in art, you can’t go wrong with art that reflects an interest or a hobby. If the person on your gift lists collects angels, for example, she’ll be delighted with a sculpture of an angel with a harp. If she loves sea creatures, she’ll treasure dolphin figurines. As long as you know what brings her peace and joy, you can’t go wrong with art that reflects her passion.

Relaxation Bliss: With the hectic pace of today’s lifestyles, virtually no one takes enough time for himself or herself. Use your imagination to come up with exotic gifts that encourage your recipient to unwind and relax. A basket filled with mint and sage bath products will both relax and rejuvenate, while a tote filled with tropical bath products like lime and coconut will seem like an island vacation. If your gift recipient has kids, tuck in a handmade coupon good for a few hours of babysitting to make your gift even more memorable.

It doesn’t take a lot of work to find imaginative and exotic gifts. You can even browse online catalogs to come up with wonderful ideas that will ensure that the gifts you give are unique and from the heart.